Social Tennis - London Pyramid Competition


Social Tennis launched an exciting new competition for Greater London/Home Counties in May 2019. A tennis pyramid with world ranked ATP/WTA Tour players at the top and social players at the bottom. Ensuring everyone can easily play a tennis match against someone their own standard. The competition now has over 200 players and supports both singles and doubles matches.


Key Competition Benefits:


  • Play when and where you want
  • Play who you want, search for opponents by location, rating and availability
  • Inclusive - open for all ages and both men and ladies
  • Low cost - from only £5/month
  • Quick - FAST4 matches as standard - longer formats by mutual agreement
  • Free British Tennis Lite Membership and British Tennis Rating
  • Free monthly matchplay event entry
  • LTA Grade 6 sanctioned - matches count for British Tennis Rating wins


Here's how it works:

  1. Register on the web app or via the LTA website
  2. Sign up to basic (£5/month) or premium* (£10/month) membership 
  3. Search for players by location, rating and availability
  4. Send them a challenge
  5. Once accepted the app will show contact details to arrange the match
  6. Mutually agree exactly when and where to play
  7. Play the match - the winner needs to buy a post-match drink
  8. Submit results via the app - wins count for LTA and UTR Ratings
  9. Winners move up the pyramid, losers move down

*Premium membership allows you to challenge two pyramid tiers above, almost double the number of players compared to basic membership.


All members of the Social Tennis Pyramid are invited to free matchplay events, hosted at various clubs around London, these allow you meet new players, play 2-3 FAST4 singles matches and socialise afterwards, winners of the matches buy the drinks! 


June West London - Wycombe House Tennis Club

July North London - Bush Hill Park Tennis Club

August North East London - The Connaught Club

September West London - Wycombe House Tennis Club

Sunday 6th October 2-6pm West London - Wycombe House Tennis Club

Thursday 10th October 7-10pm South London - Woodfield Grove Tennis Club

Wednesday 30th October 6-9pm North London - Brackendale Tennis Club

Sunday 3rd November 2-6pm West London - Wycombe House Tennis Club

Sunday 17th November 2-6pm North East London - Woodford Wells Tennis Club

Tuesday 19th November 7:30-9:30pm North West London - Farm Walk Tennis Club

Sunday 8th December 2-6pm West London - Wycombe House Tennis Club


Please see this brochure for further details of the competition and frequently asked questions.


For any further questions please contact:


Gareth Clarke - Tournament Director - - 07985466355


Our automated software can also be used to replace a tennis club's internal ladder system or could be used for a variety of other sports such as squash, badminton or table tennis. If you are interested in discussing this opportunity, or would like to create a new pyramid competition outside of South-East England, please get in touch.


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Below you can check out a couple of videos on how to register and how to get started on the web application.