Membership - How to join Social Tennis


Social Tennis currently have two membership options, basic and premium. Both are via direct debit and can be cancelled at anytime if you no longer wish to be a member.


Basic membership is £5 per month to sign up click here


Premium membership is £10 per month to sign up click here


Membership Benefit Basic Premium

British Tennis Lite Membership

British Tennis Rating Y Y
Wimbledon Ballot* Y Y
Wimbledon Finals Weekend Ground Pass Offer Y Y
Access to Pyramid Web Application Y Y
Enhanced access to Pyramid Web Application** Y
One Tournament Entry Per Month (usually £15) and Entry Priority*** Y


* You must add Social Tennis as a venue on your LTA Profile and also opt-in annually to be eligible for the Social Tennis Wimbledon ballot


** Premium members are allowed to challenge two tiers above them in the pyramid. Resulting in access to roughly double the amount of players to challenge


*** Premium members are given priority entry over non-member entries when a Social Tennis Tournament is over-subscribed


For any questions regarding membership please contact us.