Social Tennis Pyramid Competition


Social Tennis launched an exciting new competition for Greater London and the Home Counties in May 2019. A tennis pyramid with world ranked ATP/WTA Tour players at the top and social players at the bottom. Ensuring everyone can easily play a tennis match against someone their own standard. The competition has had over 200 players and supports both singles and doubles matches.


Key Competition Benefits:


  • Play who you want, search for opponents by location, rating and availability
  • Play when and where you want
  • LTA Grade 6 sanctioned - matches count for British Tennis Rating wins
  • Quick - FAST4 matches as standard - longer formats by mutual agreement
  • Inclusive - open for all ages and both men and ladies
  • Completely free to use



Here's how it works:

  1. Register on the Web Application 
  2. Search for players by location, rating and availability
  3. Send them a challenge
  4. Once accepted the app will show contact details to arrange the match
  5. Mutually agree exactly when and where to play
  6. Play the match - the winner needs to buy a post-match drink
  7. Submit results via the app - wins count for LTA Ratings
  8. Winners move up the pyramid, losers move down

For any further questions please get in touch.


Below you can check out a couple of videos on how to register and how to get started on the web application.